Rummaging through the container cupboard you pull out a container, yep that’ll work! Then you go searching for the matching lid – this one willll…….. nope, it won’t fit, too small. Searching, searching…… found one! Nope! Too big…..searching again……grrr! Sound familiar?

I found these wonderful cupcake holders at Kmart for only $2 each. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them online too but they may be a little more expensive. They are so great I think I would pay anything for them! I just store them away with my cupcake patty cases and when we I send a cupcake to school with my kids it fits perfectly and I don’t need my husband to come looking for me after 10 minutes when I go into the container cupboard!

If you can’t find these containers designed specifically for cupcakes then you could just find a storage container a similar size and do up a pretty label and you have your own DIY cupcake holder! Easy!