Every birthday I ask my girls what cake they want. Even if they are not having a ‘party’ I still go to the trouble of making them a cake they will LOVE! One of the reasons I do this is because they have been on an artificial free diet for 5 years and they always miss out on cakes at their friends’ parties. I just want them to feel special for their birthday.

I say to them they can have WHATEVER they want and I will try and make it (artificial colour and flavour free of course!). I see it as a challenge and I love it. I may throw a few fits here and there while I’m trying to perfect the cake but I eventually get to the ‘feel good’ stage and can’t wait to show them.

This Peppa cake was a sponge underneath and for the top I just made my marshmallow roll-out icing and divided it and coloured each piece to make the sections. All I have done is copied from a picture rolling out each colour and adding it here and there until I was happy with it. Again, the lettering is made with roll-out icing using the Tappit cutters. The wand is just a toothpick.

The only thing I would change is not putting it in the fridge.  I made this cake in the early days when I was still mastering the roll-out icing and figured out you cannot put it in the fridge or it will sweat. Lesson learned!