I use Cling Wrap (also known as Saran Wrap) ALOT! I am always baking or have leftovers that need covering. As I’m also in a hurry most of the time I needed a convenient way to use it without throwing it into the backyard.

More often than not when I visit a friend or relative their roll of Cling Wrap is stuffed in a drawer or cupboard along with everything else making it a really frustrating process!

I buy a bulk roll of Cling Wrap from Coles which lasts me about 3-4 months and I have a place in the cupboard where it lives, permanently. I Blu-Tak’d the whole box down to the cupboard so that it doesn’t fall out onto anyone and just grab each corner of Cling film and pull up until I have the amount I want then just tear off and slowly bring down to the workbench (which is where I situate whatever needs wrapping). So easy! Oh and I don’t use foil very often so that it tucked behind the Cling Wrap box. And in case you were wondering, yes it does bother me that the writing has to be upside down  😉