What do you do with invitations when you receive them? Throw them in a pile of ‘things to do’? Or do you get a phone call or text message on the day of the party asking if you or your children are attending?  It’s really frustrating to get that call!

Once I receive an invitation I look at my diary straight away. If I can make it then great – I enter in into my diary and on my calendar. If I can’t make it I text that person (or call) straight away to say sorry I/my child can’t make the party. If I am able to attend the party I also reply straight away stating we can come and then write the date I RSVP’d on top of the invitation with a big circle around it.  No more wondering whether you have RSVP’d to an invitation or not! And you don’t have to write that you replied ‘yes’ because if you are not attending there’s no point keeping the invite so it just gets filed away into the bin 🙂

Remember to action the Invitation AS SOON AS YOU GET IT! If you don’t I can almost guarantee it will go into that never-ending pile of things to be done and eventually, lost. Or worse, put onto your fridge where you have a constant reminder that you have to do something with it. Why not alleviate that stress and reply immediately?

Once you reply straight away a few times it will become habit and you will have no more dreaded ‘are you coming?’ phone calls!