The notes that come home from school sometimes seem endless.  There are so many excursions and fees to pay for it’s hard to keep track of them, especially if you have more than one child at school.

I have a system for payment of these excursions and fees (you’re shocked, I know). I have a container I keep in my kitchen cupboard just above the kitchen bench. I chose this spot because it’s where I am usually standing when the kids spring something on me like having to bring money to school for some fundraiser or raffle or something. Just choose the best spot for you so that it makes life easier not harder.

The container is filled with loose change and I can easily get the exact amount needed for the excursion or other event and put the note and money in an envelope to take to school that day or the next day. I don’t have to go to the shop to get cash out and it is done straight away. When my purse gets filled with loose change I just empty it into the container. It makes life so much easier, you just have to try it!