Have you got sentimental clutter that has been weighing you down for years? Cleaning out the clutter from your past does not mean you will forget about the memories that these treasures carry, it just means you are free to live your life in the present.  The emotional baggage that comes with the clutter just hanging around creates a cluttered mind. When you clear your sentimental clutter you can then have a free mind to concentrate on the things that are happening now. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1. Hold the item and ask yourself, “Does this serve me any purpose now?”. If it doesn’t, then get rid of it or give it away. Oh and when I say give it away I don’t mean make it someone else’s sentimental clutter, only give it away if you know someone else will have a genuine use for it.

2. Take photos of a collection or group of similar items. This way you will be able to remember those special items but not have to store them for the rest of your life.
3. Try to remember when you last used the item. If you haven’t used the item in the last couple of months then chances are you never will. Even if you think to yourself “one day I might need it” then think again! How often do you remember owning something only to forget where you put it? The odds of finding what you are looking for when you need it are very slim especially if your house if FULL of those items!
4. Children’s art – Start a collection of kids art pieces that are your favourites. Get a binder with plastic sleeves and keep one precious drawing or painting each month. That means that each child has 12 paintings or special keepsakes per year (or less if you prefer). You can even choose to give them to that child when they are an adult. Maybe even make a scrapbooking project out of it and include some photos. The thing to remember is you don’t need to keep everything your child makes or creates. They will still love you and you will still be a wonderful parent even if you choose to dispose of half of their wonderful creations (school days are best).  My daughter LOVES her art and craft but if I didn’t keep on top of all of her projects we would be consumed by it all. If you have a child like this but you are finding it difficult to let it all go then take advantage of Tip number 2 and take a photo of a group of paintings or drawings etc and make a book out of those photos to remember.

If you are still holding onto lots of sentimental clutter you are stopping yourself from living in the NOW with your loved ones. It’s okay to remember the past but don’t let it weigh you down.

Free yourself now! The feeling when you get rid of your sentimental clutter is amazing! Try it for yourself. If you have no use for it now you probably never will.