My diary is one of the most important things in my little organised world. Without it, I think I would have 1,000 notes all of the house and be late or not turn up to most events and appointments!

If you want to be organised and you haven’t got a diary then GET ONE! Once you start putting everything into your diary and getting into the habit of checking it every day you won’t look back and you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

I check my diary every night. I can see exactly what I have on the next day, especially if I have to get up earlier than expected it’s a good reminder.  I enter appointments, school excursions, my work hours (which vary), my husband’s work hours (which also vary) and any other important commitments I need to stick to.

When it comes to scheduling appointments for the New Year I list them at the back of the year we are already using on a blank page and transfer them when I get my diary for the next year. It could be a holiday you’ve booked, a specialist appointment or just a reminder to start something.

Some tips for your new diary:

* If you are a shift worker like me, highlight your shifts so that they stand out.
* I put my shifts at the bottom of each day (instead of next to the time). I know this sounds weird but it really does work for me. If I want to know when I’m working I just go to the bottom of each day to see it. I put my husband’s shift at the top of the day. Easy!
* Keep your diary in the same spot. This is very important if you want to be able to access it quickly when on the phone making appointments. I have a spot in my study that I keep it and it goes straight into my work bag when I’m off to work. I put it back in the spot in my study when I return home. It’s now a habit and works like clockwork!

Happy scheduling! 🙂