Usually batteries are needed in a hurry. We are in the middle of doing something and have to search high and low for them. Where do you store your batteries? Are they in a drawer? Are they scattered all over the place? Maybe you don’t even have one place for all of the batteries you own.  Well, it’s time to organise them once and for all!

I struggled for a long time to find something that catered for all of the battery sizes as well as being able to see through the lid of the container to find what you need at a glance. This tackle box organiser was a great solution for all of my batteries to live. I bought the tackle box organiser from Kmart for around $5. You can get larger ones but this one fits perfectly into my side table drawer and is very easily accessible.

I labeled the front of mine with simple text in a box in Microsoft Word. Now everyone in the family knows exactly where to go to get new batteries and it’s clear to see when we are running low of a certain size. Win Win!