If you want to attempt a cake but find it difficult to do a figurine then try something like this owl mud cake. A ‘flat cake’ can be much easier to make as it is not 3D and it really is just a matter of adding shapes here and there. As with all of my cakes the colours are natural and the icing is my marshmallow roll-out icing.  The hearts making the number 9 are from Aldi – they have no artificial colours in products throughout their whole store! 😉  The leaves on the tree are cut with a plunger leaf cutter which you can buy for a few dollars online (I used eBay).  The flowers are from Coles who have a range of cake decorations with no artificial colours and flavours.  Once you attempt your first cake it does get quite addictive! Maybe try one well in advance of the celebration to see how your confidence goes.  Post a pic here and let me know how you go 🙂