This cute little Penguin was made for a friend who wanted a topper to add to her niece’s cake that she made herself. It is made from my roll-out icing and natural colours added to mold the parts of the penguin. It’s quite easy to do – just find a picture of a fondant topper that you like (or use this one) and just mold it as best you can. It does take a lot of patience and this penguin took me about 2 hours but I think it’s worth it! It’s made from natural ingredients and fully edible. I molded the white icing into a little piece of ‘ice’ for the penguin to sit on as it was going onto a mud cake.  Sprinkle some sugar on top of the ‘ice berg’ and you’re done!

All you can do is have a go and see what you come up with. The options are endless. Play around BEFORE your deadline and you will have fun with it. The topper will keep in an airtight container a week or two before you need it so start experimenting!