These Cheese & Vegemite Twists are the perfect addition to the school lunchbox or you can just enjoy them straight from the oven. The kids love them!


Pampas puff pastry sheets
Tasty or Parmesan Cheese


Take a sheet of frozen puff pastry out (or more depending on how many you want to make). While the pastry sheet is thawing grab some cheese and start grating enough to sprinkle on top (see picture). 

Your pastry sheet should now  be soft enough to cut (or close to it). Using a knife cut a line down the middle of the pastry sheet. Then smear some vegemite down each half and sprinkle some cheese on top. Then roll each half like you would a newspaper and twist. Spray an oven tray with some cooking spray and cook for approximately 5 to 10 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius. (My oven is very hot so just check and adjust accordingly)