Don’t you hate it when you delve into your handbag to get your car keys or wallet and out comes everything else but what you want?!?  Receipts go flying and you end up in a complete mess of frustration and disarray.

I was just fed up with this happening to me every time I went into my handbag. I knew there had to be a better way! I created a little clear wallet to keep all of my receipts that I would get from a shopping trip in one day as well as other receipts of items I was taking back to shops so they were handy.

Once I was given a receipt from a shop I would put it into the wallet and move on to the next shop. When I get home I transfer all of the receipts to my receipt folder in case I need them for future like warranties or gift exchanges.

There are two compartments to the clear wallet – one area is for receipts for items to return and the other is just general receipts. I also keep my shopping list in this one so I can find it easily. I can’t remember the amount of times I have gone to get my list out at the supermarket and it was missing!

I also put a pen in there for convenience!