I just love costume jewellery, especially necklaces. They instantly make any outfit look great and you can change your look depending on your mood. But where do you put all those necklaces?  I used to have mine in a drawer where they would get all tangled, not to mention rub against each other damaging them in the process.

I decided enough was enough and purchased this gorgeous 6 hook wall mount rack to sort and hang all of my necklaces from. I have gold on the 3 on the left side and silver on the other 3 (yes it bugs me if they migrate to the wrong side!).  There is even room at the top to clip my Melbourne Cup fascinator out of the way.

I bought the rack from Ebay for around $60 including postage. You can get all different types but I just love the elegant look of this one. I made hubby install it just high enough out of reach of little hands too!  The rack is so versatile you could also use one to sort your scarves or belts.  Happy hanging!