A dishwasher is probably hands down the best appliance we have ever owned. It’s not only great for every day use but it’s also fantastic for parties or having guests over as cleanup is done in no time at all. People who have never owned a dishwasher really don’t know what they are missing and when they get one, they wonder how they ever lived without one!

When it comes to dishwasher powder there are plenty to choose from at your local supermarket. I have tried most of them out there and feel they all do the same job. So, now I buy the cheapest one (which at the moment is the Coles Home Brand Dishwashing Powder for $2 per 1kg box) and pour it into an old dishwasher powder container I bought a long time ago at Aldi. You could use any container but this is was purpose built for the powder and it has a child-proof lid which is an added bonus!

When the container needs refilling I just tear a hole in the top corner of the new box then pour the powder into a funnel made from the top of a 1.25 litre soda water bottle (placed upside down). It fits perfect into the container opening and makes it an easy pouring solution!