This 1st Birthday Cake was made using a normal chocolate sponge cake recipe made from scratch (no artificials). I hired a teddy bear pan from a local Catering shop and once it was cooked and cooled I piped chocolate butter cream icing on the body with a star tip. The eyes and nose were made from my marshmallow roll-out icing recipe but I added cocoa powder until it was nearly black. The mouth and foot pads the same but less cocoa to make dark brown. The cupcakes were made with vanilla sponge cake inside and pink (natural from Coles) butter cream icing.

The letters were made from cutters called Tappit Cutters which I bought online. I don’t use them the way they were intended, which is to “tap it” out as it never works for me. Instead I spray the cutter with canola spray (anything non-stick will do) and roll out the icing but not too thin. The thickness of a ten cent piece works well. Then I carefully pry out with a metal skewer. It works better if the icing is not too sticky, more on the dry side (but not too dry – confused yet?)