These days there are so many events or regular activities like children’s sport etc that we drag our other little ones around to and they have to ‘just sit there’ and wait until we are all ready to go home. Call me old fashioned but I believe that is not much to expect and the child or children should learn to respect that they need to be patient sometimes, especially where family is concerned.  Even though I feel this way I still want to make the experience less stressful for everyone involved.

I have put together a little Travel Activity Pack and I keep it in the car at all times. I take it with us to sports and wherever it is acceptable to be able to pull out a rug and sit the kids down to play happily. You can put what you like in your kit but my kids LOVE craft so it is full of stationery, stamps, textas, crayons and different shape cutting children’s scissors, foam sticker people etc.

I have a few spare clear envelopes at home that contain something different in each one and every few weeks I rotate them all because I find they do get disinterested after a while. Most of the items I have bought from Kmart or Hot Dollar and are really cheap. You could also check out Dollar King, Officeworks or The Reject Shop.

I keep the clear packets in an old laptop bag I had that I wasn’t using and it is perfect to transport them around. Once you get thinking you never know what you will find lying around that you could use or even find something suitable at an Op-Shop or Garage Sale.